Vahid Nasirian was born on May 25, 1350 in Ahar, East Azerbaijan province, in a middle-class family. His extraordinary genius in the image of ghosts in his rogue and beautiful soul from his early childhood, his charismatic charting at pre-school age shows a lot of talent in painting and making statues with metal wires. His mother’s style of encouragement and ingenuity was so much It was effective

Simorgh’s heart is the first 3D animation of Iran’s cinematic history. The subject of the film, taken from the stories of Shahnameh, combined with today’s culture, has become a mythical storyline that leads the way. The film was created for four years and directed by Vahid Nasirian, with a team of 90 people between 86 and 90 years. The winner The award for the Fajr Movie Festival was the same year, but unfortunately it was not allowed until today. Vahid Nasirian died on August 5, 2017. 

Paintings Gallery

Paintings from 2004 to 2008

Special times and places are rarely important in the works of Nasiriyah, but in the works of this period, the element of vacuum and the susceptibility of elements and fi gures are seen more clearly in a space without earth and sky, and the surrealist atmosphere brings to the paintings that Many years later, he continues to work in many ways. It may be said that his mental conflicts in making animated films in these years and the discovery of coarse spots in them are also different in paintings, and there is clear evidence of the atmosphere of his paintings and animations.

Paintings from 2001 to 2003

In most of the works of this period, the backgrounds are stained and simple, and the layout of the organs has simply been plotted. The human body and the horse and, in some cases, other animals have brought together new subjects, and the abstract elements are more and more visible in the paintings.